Tuesday, March 22, 2022

March Meeting 2022 (Virtual)

 Members Present: Jennifer, Jax, Deb, Marilyn, Sue, Theresa, Rick, Roy, and Sally


--Central Region Oklahoma Writers (CROW) has extended the deadline for the Nest awards until March 31st. They are "critically low" on inspirational, erotica, and YA published books, so get them entered so you can win a sweet paperweight trophy and a shout out! 

--Hallmark Publishing is accepting unsolicited manuscripts this month

--Writers Colony at Dairy Hollow is doing fellowships

Vice President:

Treasurer: Current balance $802.34 , after OWFI scholarship check is cashed, will be 627.34

--no report on book sales

PR: 9 followers on Twitter, Jen will handle the FB side of things, Jackie will do IG and Twitter

--Send your universal links to Jackie, booklinker.com is a possibility for creating the universal links. 

New News


OWFI is May 5-6 and registration is up and ready. Early bird has been extended until the end of the month, $175 gets you both banquets, and WW has a table already. 

It was decided to sponsor a category this year, and we are going with $60.00 for the "Published Adult". Rick will get a check to Jennifer to send in. 

Basket wars: 

Do we submit a basket?

 Upcoming Workshops

If you'd like to volunteer for a workshop, please email Jennifer. 

April: Planning your novel (Jennifer)

June: Rick

Aug, Sept, Oct are open for suggestions or volunteers

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

July 2020 Meeting (Virtual)

Present: Jackie, Jennifer, Marilyn, Debbie, Natalie, Jayleen, Denise, Ann, Olive, Pepper


Vice President:

Treasurer: Roughly $535 in account, nothing in or out but one anthology sold (Red Roses in Green Country) on July 19th


PR: need more links to published works, excerpts, bios, social media for book of the week sharing on our FB page. Send email to Jackie jslarmore32112@gmail.com . Cover art will be needed for the anthology.

Old News:  OWFI banquet at WritersCon Labor Day weekend. This is where they will hand out certificates. If you can’t attend, they will be mailed.

New News:
  • Washington County Fair: $60 for a booth
    • Do we want one?
    • Election year so booths will go fast
    • Manning the booth could be difficult
    • Yay or Nay?
    • If yay, author’s will pay for it, not WordWeavers
  • Officer Elections in September, if you are interested email Jennifer.
  • John Darrouzet meet with us next meeting? Any objections?
    • No objections, scheduled for August 18th

Jennifer: working on chocolate for two out in September, maybe a holiday one in December
Olive: my internet stalled i’m sorry!
Jackie: creating a website in the past couple months. Some stories for the anthologies, working on fantasy and blogs. 
Natalie: goal to finish one children’s book per month
Denise: pulled out a novel and is motivated! Key word for school: flexible
Ann: editing. Re-reading a lot
Pepper: had a wipe out on computer and is having to restore/rewrite 
Rick: Xhanga is out on audio, finished draft of novel
my internet stalled during personal updates so I missed some stuff!


  • Poetry Anthology out by Sept. 15th
  • Halloween can just be Spooky, doesn’t have to be “Halloween”
  • Holiday doesn’t just have to be Christmas

  • August 3rd-  poetry critiques (Zoom mtg)
  • Brandy has offered cover design skills for Anthologies for this year. She has some premade, might ask her for another one to choose from. 
  • Poets of Green Country is the approved title for poetry anthology
  • Halloween spooky submissions due August 1st: 7000 words total (short story or poems)
  • Holiday season submissions due October 1st: same rules
  • SHARE SHARE SHARE - marketing is key! We are talented writers and we deserve the accolades. 
  • Concern over having “Bartlesville” on the front cover, for safety reasons, when “sharing”. Agreed to use only WordWeavers on anthologies
  • Throwing around ideas for a website or other places that we can sell books. Jackie could make one, but concern over IF she ever left PR position could someone else do it?
  • Agreed that Jackie should do a workshop over website builder!

Next Meeting: Tuesday, August 18th @ 6:30, probably ZOOM. Workshop with John Darrouzet: Writing Decisions

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

April 2020: VIRTUAL MTG

Present: Jennifer, Debbie, Jackie, Marilyn, Sue, Jayleen, Pepper, Natalie, Rick

Secretary: no report

Treasurer: $540.55, has not changed in last month. Last e-book sold in February (sold 9 Red Roses in Green Country, profit of .32 per book!)  Jennifer owes some money for books for a cancelled book signing.

PR: propose changing the book of the day on FB to book of the week to include author information. Send jpeg and links to Amazon to Jackie so she can update list.

New News:
Pepper more on editing mode right now.
Rick working on book, 17,000 words so far!
Jackie working on 3rd book and proofreading jobs.
Natalie working on equations for illustrations for her children's book.
Marilyn working on edits for Christmas book.
Debbie worried about kids, time management issues, weird production times.
Jayleen working on school/teacher/home balance. Hard to write.
Sue staying busy but not getting much done, working on kid's stories.
Jennifer had one 4,000 word day, inspiration in spurts.

resource: Melissa Storm: "The book marketing group" on FB, free video (check WW FB page for links)

Anthology: poetry is the next one, set to come out in August. We skipped "locally set" for now.  Poems due on June 1st...only SIX weeks away.
Halloween due Aug 1st
Holiday due on Oct 1st

OWFI: Conference was cancelled. Working on date/time/platform for award ceremony.
Ann won scholarship for this year. It was voted she will retain the scholarship for next year. If she chooses to pass, we will redraw for the scholarship. We may even have enough for two scholarships next year!!!

It is important to stay connected! We can email, text, messenger, video, whatever anyone needs. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


Present: Marilyn, Pepper, Rick, Joann, Nancy, Darla, Olive, Glenn, Ann, Sue, Jackie, Sally, Natalie

Treasurer report: no $ in no $ out $540.55  Sold 6 of the anthology!

PR report: press release to newspaper and radio for anthology.
Fundraiser ideas - book drive & rummage sale. possible space The Gathering Place
(*note - The Gathering Place, once a month has a woman's night with vendors)
jslarmore32112@gmail.com for links to your book for book of the day!

Glenn: Toast Masters District Speech contest April 11th

Ann: Bville Magazine called and asked her to do a feature on Yocham, getting paid!!

Jackie: interview on The Nerd Daily

New News:
WriterCon by Write Well, Sell Well conference over labor day in OKC  https://writercon.org/

Who's interested in OWFI?  Ann, Marilyn, Darla

Chicken Soup: Go to website and click submit story
Age is Just a Number - May 31st
Christmas - April 30th
Listen to your Dreams - Feb 28th
Stories of Divine Intervention Aug 30th
Stories about self care and me time - Sept 30th

Natalie: interested in 12x12 challenge, draft 12 children's books in 12 months!

If you want anything critiqued, send it to Jennifer ahead of time and we can fit it in to our meeting schedule.

OWFI Scholarship: Ann Cleary, alternate: Darla Tresner

Leading Basket idea: fairy tales

Next Meeting March 17th 6:30 John Darrouzet will be guest speaker on screen writing

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

January 2020

Present: Jennifer, Sue, Marilyn, Jackie, Eloise, Pepper, Rick, Jayleen, Natalie 
*NEW Rhonda Stiles-Cole

Treasurer:  no anthology sales, balance $540.55
PR: a little behind on PR, looking into a twitter account,

New News:

Jennifer: Joy at Quail Crossings coming in Feb/Mar
Sue: working on 3 different stories
Marilyn: almost finished with a Christmas Book, getting stuff ready for writing contests
Jackie: getting back into writing to finish trilogy
Eloise: took some time off but writing again, pulling old stories to make "new"
Pepper: finished synopsis for a fantasy novel that was originally a short story, running an OLLI class again starting 13th (6 weeks, Artificial Intelligence)
Rick: originally wrote as a hobby, retired and now it's a full time job! Pepper is a mean editor!
Jayleen: currently writing poetry, probably because that's what I'm teaching right now
Natalie: has 5-6 illustrations left to finish book!
Rhonda: *new* made a resolution so that's why she's here. writes articles, poetry, adult fiction, at home mom, taking care of combat disabled husband, scared of the writing/publishing process


Contest Deadline OWFI and FOL February 1st


  • Scholarship from WordWeavers? Would be $175 for a full scholarship. Rick moves to award a scholarship and not do a category sponsorship. Pepper second, all approved. We will draw for scholarship next meeting.
  • Jackie: since we are non-profit can we get sponsorship for the scholarship? Look into it for next year.
  • May 1-2 at Embassy Suites
  • We have a table because we won the basket wars last year by $2. 
  • Basket Wars: Bridging the Gap is contest theme, be thinking about a theme for basket!

Anthology (Romance)

  • Glenn and Ann have been doing edits. Take corrections into careful consideration but make sure you keep your voice. 
  • Final edits, bios, pic, contracts due Feb 5th. (hard deadline)
  • To be released February 11th!

Next: Locally Set due Friday!
Okay wait, let's table the locally set and move on to poems.

  • Poem submissions due June 1st
  • Do we want to continue to take Brandy up on Poetry book cover. It's FREE so YEAH.
Next meeting Feb 18th 6:30pm upstairs. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

October 2019 Meeting

Present: Marilyn, Jenni, Rick, Jennifer, Jayleen, Natalie, Sue, Sallee

Treasurer: Dues are due!!  $506 now with dues. One Tea Cozies sold in Sept.
PR: Jackie has been ill. Anyone that has new books needs to email the info to Jacki for Book of the Day. 

Old News  

New News

Personal Reports:
  • Jennifer - A Rough Draft is in audiobook. Indie Strong FB live feeds on Mondays at 10:30pm. Put on YouTube after they air. Questions are welcome!
  • Jayleen - NIMROD conference is this Saturday, Oct. 18
  • Marilyn - had to leave early
  • Jenni - adjusting to school time, working on a new novel, approached to be a writer of the week on a website and kinda nervous
  • Rick - finished prequel to Xhanga and sent them to a couple young adults for beta reading
  • Natalie - taking baby steps, inspired by Olive’s “bible” lesson but may be overthinking, might be delayed but still making progress
  • Sallee - closing 2nd book. Glenn has edits done, has a beta reader, Rita has covers finished
  • Sue - editor wanting a flashback but she’s not sure so kinda frustrated, worried the flashback is overused

  • Brandy has volunteered to design anthology covers for free while she rebuilds her brand. 
  • Jayleen moved to have Brandy design the Valentine’s cover and then have WW vote on next cover option. 
  • Publication on February 11th (so stories can still be entered in OWFI and FOL)
  • Nov 1st - 19th for critique, submit story by Nov 1st
  • Monday, November 11th at 6:30 for critiques, gives everyone 10 days to read submissions.
  • Need a Title: Red Roses in Green Country

We will be releasing a romance anthology on February 11, 2020. Anyone can submit, even if you didn't sign up. (The sign up sheet was for me to get a good grasp on what topics people wanted to do.) Here are the dates to remember:

1. October 15th: Come up with and finalize title (at meeting)
2. October 15th: Find date no later than November 19th for critique meeting. Denise from the library says we can schedule meetings just for critiquing and it won't affect when we can schedule meetings.
3. November 1st: All manuscripts for the romance anthology are due to Jennifer at BvilleWordWeavers@gmail.com so she can shoot them out to all the members for both cyber and in-person critiques.
4. November 18th: All cover ideas due. Will vote at the 11/19 meeting. Everyone is welcome to submit, please know that we can not pay at this time.
5. December 17th:  Final cover (if tweaks are needed) due. Final drafts for copy editing due.
6. January 21, 2020: Copy edits from editors due. Will return those to you ASAP.
8. February 11th: Release date!!

Tuesday November 19th 6:30: Next “meeting” is a Write-in, bring snacks! Public will be invited!

September 2019 Meeting

Present: Jennifer, Olive, Darla, Twyana, Natalie, Pepper, Sallee, Ann, Rick, Eloise, Jacki, Jayleen, Debbie, Marilyn, Sue

Current Officers Report
Rick: time to renew membership. $10, graph presentation on account balance
Jayleen: no report
Olive: no new social media members

Officer Elections
President: Jennifer
Vice President: Marilyn
Treasurer: Rick
Secretary: Jayleen
PR: Jacki

New Exciting News!
Jennifer - Chicken Soup for the Soul out next week. Indie Strong FB live on Mondays at 10:30pm
Olive - Ordinary Times article about pizza
Darla - doubled creative writing enrollment
Twyana - in progress
Natalie - in progress, i-books author as new platform
Pepper - pitched at OWFI, after 3 tries was suggested that another agent might be better, hosting the movies for OLLI in Tulsa on Mondays and Bville on Thursdays
Sue - revisiting old story, talked to a producer, 
Marilyn - 3rd book out
Ann - working on pamphlet for library
Gary - travel log, using Bville print shop
Rick - OWFI inspiration to write prequel to Xhanga, increasing word count
Eloise - getting started again
Jacki - book out on October 1st
Jayleen - I write grades, 
Debbie - put butt in chair, started with grant writing, 

Nimrod information

Last Meeting, format of the meeting, general consensus more speakers, more critiques on personal projects
Survey Monkey - smaller e-book anthologies

Meetings: time for critiques, utilizing talent in our room, speakers already include Script Writing and Leadership, 

Deadlines for February

Next meeting Tuesday October 15th, upstairs

March Meeting 2022 (Virtual)

  Members Present : Jennifer, Jax, Deb, Marilyn, Sue, Theresa, Rick, Roy, and Sally President :  --Central Region Oklahoma Writers (CROW) ha...