Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 20, 2015 Minutes

Members attending the October 2015 meeting were Jennifer McMurrain, President; Cindy Bolder, VP; Sarah Lynn, Treasurer; Erin McMillan, Secretary; Tawnya Hobbs York; Marilyn Boone; Sybil Copeland; Linda Durkiss; Rita Durrett; Charlotte Smith; Darla Tressner; Hillary Smith; and Eloise Peacock. We also had a guest, Suzanne Read, who paid her dues and joined at the meeting. Welcome Suzanne! We look forward to reading your work.

Sarah Lynn gave the Treasurer's Report.

Jennifer informed us that the club had given away 44 Seasons of Life the weekend before as a promotion.

In our New News, Jennifer had come out with her 3rd novel in her Quail Crossings series: Missing Quail Crossings, the Tuesday before. Jennifer is currently busy with a book tour. We congratulate her on the fruits of her labor and wish her the best in her travels.

Charlotte Smith had received another delivery of her book Murder, Murder Everywhere that day. Congratulations, Charlotte!

Congratulations are also in order for Sybil; she just completed a story about her home for her memoir. It is a tour of her home. Sybil gave a helpful suggestion in that pictures are a handy tool for writers.

Rita informed us that she has a 4th editor for her project, and we are all hoping for headway.

Pepper Hume has an art exhibition in Dewey. Go check it out.

For our Main Business portion we discussed our new anthology, Seasons to Celebrate.

Jennifer gave all the present members handouts on the overview of the book, such as rules and protocol. On October 27th she e-mailed the guidelines to all members.

Present members were able to sign up for her own submission deadline. There are two for each meeting until August 2016.

Tawnya took some pictures of the meeting for the WordWeavers Club website. Thank you, Tawnya!

The next WordWeavers meeting is November 17th. Details are forthcoming.

Thus ended the Official Meeting.

Jennifer McMurrain then took us through her notes on the "Fast Draft" workshop given by Candy Heabens. We learned many suggestions on how to write a draft in two weeks.

The meeting adjourned.