Saturday, January 25, 2014

Minutes from January 21, 2014

Jennifer McMurrain presided.

Ten members were present at the meeting that was held in the Bartlesville Public Library. There were no guests or prospective members. 

Critiques were completed for Pepper, Marilyn, and Janis. 

New writing opportunities will be posted on the Facebook page. 

Diana Purser gave the treasurer's report. There is a current balance of  $818.04.

389 total copies of the 2012 anthology are in the hands of readers. 131 copies have been sold.

Final edits are due from Hank, Diana, Sybil, and Jennifer.

Final edits of the contributors to the 2014 anthology need to be emailed to Jennifer at should be resent. Some have not been received.

Denise Jarmola, Wordweaver member and President of OWFI, gave a short review of the OWFI Annual Conference that will be held in May 2014. There is aFebruary 1 deadline for scholarships to attend. Room reservations need to be made under the name of OWFI. Jennifer McMurrain will secure rooms for local members. If anyone is interested email her at the Bville_Wordweaver email. 

If you have entered the OWFI contest, remember to print the OWFI Official Contest Entry Form. It is on the website and also in the OWFI magazine. It requires, your contact information and the category entered and title of the work. It too must be received by February 1. 

Keep writing, the next meeting is scheduled for February 18, 2014. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Meeting Minutes - December 17, 2013

Minutes from the WordWeavers’ Meeting – December 17, 2013

First, the Christmas Party at Jennifer McMurrian’s home was delightful.

Treasurer’s Report – We currently have   $795.22  in our bank account. We also made an additional $7 on another sale of our last anthology. Therefore, once that has been deposited, we will have $802.22.   We have 24 people who are members of both WordWeavers and OWFI, plus an additional 5 members who chose to join only WordWeavers, so that is a total of 29 members.

Jennifer said that she would continue doing the PR work for WordWeavers  instead of trying to find someone else  to do that job that Hilary left vacant.

Since both the OWFI and the FOL contest deadlines are around the corner on February 1st of 2014, the first order of business was to go over the most recent copy of THE REPORT from OWFI, pointing out the following important items:

                1. Read through the agents and editors coming this year to make your choices of whom you want to see in person.

                2. Notice that on Friday night, the banquet will have a COSTUME CONTEST. Everyone should dress as his or her favorite author OR literary character.

                3. Any book or blog author can reserve a TABLE CENTERPIECE for a cost of $10. (There will be 11 people per table who will be the captive audience  looking at that book. The number of tables will be limited, so anyone interested should do this pretty soon.) The author will need to set up his or her book as  the table’s centerpiece – perhaps in a basket or other display to show it off. At the end of the evening, someone at that table will “win” that copy of that book.

                4. About the BASKET WARS, we discussed getting “treasure chest” type boxes instead of some old basket. We also tossed around the idea of doing several smaller baskets instead of one huge one that often does not bring in as much money as was put into it.  Everyone should be thinking of theme ideas.

                5. The BOOK STORE – Coffee Bar will also schedule some times for signings, by genre maybe.

                6. The FRIDAY LUNCHEON – will cost $25 and will be a NETWORKING LUNCH where people will move from table to table to meet more of the editors and agents in small groups.

                7. The SATURDAY LUNCHEON- will cost $25 and will be to hear Eloisa James talk.

                8. The THURSDAY NIGHT early session will cost $15 and will be Andrew Kaufman talking. He had been one of Linda Boulinger’s publishing clients. Now he is a best seller.

                9. The SATURDAY NIGHT is the GLITZ and GLAMOR AWARDS SHOW for the contests.

                10. CATEGORY SPONSORSHIPS – Wordweavers voted to send $105 to OWFI to sponsor the catgory of   “Juvenile Short Story” and to dedicate it in Hilary Welch’s name.

                11. We talked about how the one time $20 fee covered entering one item in all 33 categories.

                12. Our January meeting – on Jan. 21st in the Upper Room of the Library – will include  a presentation about how to submit our entries on-line this year.  Be sure to save your items as  .doc  (NOT  .docx)   documents before sending them in.  Also, be sure that the Name each item is SAVED under is exactly the same as its TITLE. Otherwise, there might be confusion. Members were encouraged to try to do these entries on our own as early as possible in January and not wait until after the 21st if possible.  The items get sent to each CATEGORY CHAIR, all of whom are listed in the Report and also online.  Another note was that the items we have been writing for our Anthology are all also possible entries for the two Feb. 1 deadlines because none of these works have been published YET.


                                      *****   Concerning our work on our own Anthology ******

The group voted unanimously to dedicate our next Anthology to Hilary Welch’s memory.

Because Jennifer has had so much trouble with Yahoo’s new way of listing “REPLIES” as sublists instead of as new emails, EVERYONE  needs to RE-send his or her Anthology submissions we’ve already critiques – in their “best” finalized forms   to Jennifer OVER AGAIN.    Send them as ATTACHMENTS in NEW emails – NOT a reply to a note she has sent out – please.  These also need to be in  .doc   format.  So please take the time to get them revised and sent to her at -      That’s  Bville Underline Wordweavers at gmail dot com

We will have another long list of people’s wonderful stories and poems to read for the Jan. meeting, so be ready to respond to them in a thoughtful and constructive way.