Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April Meeting Minutes and News

Tuesday, April 17th, WordWeavers held their monthly meeting.  Diana Purser, Heather Davis, Tawnya York, Marilyn Boone, Denise Jarmola, Lisa Anne Nichols, Robert Peters and Jennifer McMurrain were all in attendance.  We would like to send a very warm welcome to Robert. We’re so glad you came.

A hearty congrats to the WordWeavers who won at the Friends of the Library Bartlesville Creative Writing Contest. Heather Davis won 2nd in Fiction, Denise Jarmola won 1st in Dramatic Skit, and Diana Purser won 1st in Children's Book and 2nd in Dramatic Skit. Well deserved all around.

During the first business hour we focused on the logistics for getting to Oklahoma City for the Oklahoma Writer's Federation, Inc. conference being held the first weekend in May. Everyone has turned in their promised item for the BasketWars basket, so we are good-to-go on that.

We also discussed the upcoming Writer's Fair. We have four authors to gather speaking information from and our tentative date is set for September 15, 2012. Will give you more information on that as it becomes available.

We spent some time discussing how to promote our work once it's out. Our group has a number of books for sale today. Murder Goes to Church by C.D. Jarmola (Denise) (www.amazon.com), Calypso Princes, Keeping Secrets, and Smugglers in Paradise by Rita Durrett (www.amazon.com), Grammar in a Nutshell and a number of mythology books by Diana Purser (www.nutshellpuzzle.com) and Once Upon a Wish by Lisa Anne Nicholas (www.amazon.com).

We are pleased to announce Cathy Collar, Heather Davis, Rita Durrett, and Jennifer McMurrain have all been included in the Whispered Beginnings: A Clever Fiction Anthology which will be released May 1st. E-mail Bvile_WordWeavers@yahoo.com for instructions on how to pre-order your copy today! We ask that you buy a paperback directly from your favorite author. Our authors see no profit from the e-books or the paperbacks sold by the publisher. E-mail me and I will be happy to give you that person's contact information.

The rest of the meeting was spent discussing our current critiquing sessions and how to make them better and more efficient. Next month we will critique work from Rita.  The May meeting is open only to WordWeavers, we will be having our End of Contest Season PotLuck Party.

Our next open meeting will be June 15th at 6:30pm in Meeting Room A (upstairs, food and drinks welcome) at the Bartlesville Public Library. Happy Writing.

If you have any questions please contact Jennifer at Bville_WordWeavers@yahoo.com.