Friday, September 23, 2016

September 20th, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Present: Cindy, Eloise, Pepper, Marilyn, Rita, Margery, Sarah, Sarah, Rick (new!), Glen (new!), Linda, Glenn, Francia, Debbie (new! had to leave early), Jennifer, and Jayleen

Treasurer Report:
  • Dues are due! $10 for WW and $20 for OWFI
  • One anthology sold
  • $22 from sale of Charlotte's Book at the County Fair was donated to WW
Old News:
  • Facebook personal profile was shut down. 
    • New page has been created but pics are still in limbo. Please send any WW pics you might have to Jennifer. 
    • Abigail and Jennifer are the admins of the new business page.
    • Profile pic will now be generic instead of changing every day
    • Book of the Day is on Group Business Page
  • OWFI
    • some changes for the betterment of the contest should appear on website soon
    • may do away with minimum manuscript for category to make
    • old categories are still up on website are likely to be the same if you want to get a head start on knowing what you're going to submit
    • $35 one time fee to enter one or more categories
    • submissions due Feb. 1
    • for the OWFI Report, send submission to Abigail (by email)
    • for "other news" and immediate posting submit to website
New News:
  • Washington County Fair Booth:
    • cost $60, paid by Jennifer. Moved that cost be reimbursed to Jennifer, approved.
    • Tabled issue: charging tax at the fair. Will discuss next August
  • Exciting News:
    • Salty Seniors directed by Pepper to perform western comedy Fri 23rd (I may have that wrong, my notes also say a performance on Thursday, I apologize for the confusion)
    • Margery is doing a  session on Create Space Saturday from 9-12
    • Marilyn: Becoming Rose is out! Congratulations!
    • Book Bub ad went well for Cathy, lots learned.
    • Jennifer: Summer's End will be out October 4th! Congratulations!
  • Seasons to Celebrate Anthology:
    • the final process: final edits go to copy editors, possible revisions then submitted to beta readers before publishing.
    • this is the fundraiser for WW that supplies funds for OWFI scholarships, banquet tables, etc.
    • Contracts for anthology submissions will be out soon.
    • Cover is almost finished, artist wishes to remain anonymous.
  • Election of officers:
  • We are looking for a horror, suspense, thriller guest speaker. Any ideas? We already tried Stephen King.
  • There WILL be a Harlequin editor at OWFI if you're looking to pitch.
  • Next Meeting October 18th: We will be doing a group photo this date! (someone photoshop me in please! haha)