Tuesday, January 15, 2019

January 2019 Meeting

January 15th, 2019

Members Present: Marilyn, Ann, Pepper, Olive, Glenn M., Jennifer, Jayleen, Jenni, Natalie, Sallie

Treasurer: Rick is in Hawaii! Has a new granddaughter, Hannah. Sold 2 e-books in December, unsure of createspace. Tell ppl about it!

Secretary: .Minutes have gone live! In other words I'm typing the notes online as we go.

PR: .new page likes on FB. Book of the Day was alphabetical but now will be random. (need to add Jenni) press release for E-E soon. Tuesday is most popular FB day so anthology will be book of day on Tuesdays!

Old News:  Christmas party, yay food!

New News:

  • Glenn working with literacy group, tutoring 2 students. working on creative non-fiction (getting a dog so soon after death of a dog). New grandson coming soon-Feb 19.
  • January 29th, Feb 15th, March 15th Poetry Night at Heritage Theatre in Dewey. Share poetry or just enjoy
  • Olive ghost writing at work. Suffering emotional weariness, hopefully passes soon. Possibly enter a fantasy story in OWFI.
  • Pepper sorting writings for OWFI. Teaching a class at OLLI. Recently published in two anthologies. Looking to break into "one story" a short pocket storybook. Trying to get Creme de la Creme Ghost Story published. 
  • Ann Help! How do you keep track of what you have submitted to all the contests?! FOL doesn't have a list of past wins. No content restrictions for OWFI, it just depends on the judge. (Basically Ann can't remember what categories she has won, HAHA!) 
  • Marilyn not sure if anything will be ready to enter in OWFI. 21 pages of book ready, needs a synopsis to enter. A couple options for short story/novel. Received payment for Guidepost: Angels on Earth, her story about her accident on March 30, 2017. Note: when you submit something for publication, you need to be able to let some of your story go, publishers will print the story they want. Either take the money and go, or get your story back. 
  • Jenni Manuscript Wishlist (twitter #mswl) all the agents and what they are looking for (their wish list), very detailed-also includes what they are NOT looking for. Prefers mswl to duo trope. Novella coming out in Storylandia by Wapshott (based in L.A.) kudos from the editor on her writing. Currently stuck on a plot to sequel to Noah Knows (self-published book). Wrote a Fantasy book with her brother that they are trying to get traditionally published. 
  • Natalie little Charlotte is 11 weeks old yay! maternity leave ends tomorrow boo! Still traveling back and forth to OKC for work, now with baby it's going to be rough! Finding time to write is tough. New Year's resolution to find routine!
  • Jayleen 2 weeks off from school, stayed at a friend's lake house for a few days to write lesson plans and contest submissions! Getting away is the best for writing. 
  • Jennifer resolution goal to find balance between mommyhood and writing. Rebuilding from plans in place last year, pregnancy was TOUGH. For now, family first. 
  • Sallie 36,000 words finished for her book and feels like most of the info is already there, minus 20,000ish words. What to do?! Jenn offers adding the fat and a subplot. Marilyn said get some more problem/resolve. Ann suggests writing the end so she knows how much more she actually needs.
  • Retreat center in Tulsa? Forest of Peace in Sand Springs. $80/night
  • Please keep Cindy in your thoughts, her mom fell and broke femur. 
  • Do we want to sponsor a full scholarship? Majority Yes, we will draw next week.
  • FOL and OWFI contest entries due FEBRUARY 1st
  • Anthologies -promo giveaway still in the works.
  • Linda Derkez sold their house and will be moving at the end of the month. 
  • Now that we don't have anthology, send Jenn what you want critiqued, she will take first 3 (no more than 10 pages)
  • Next meeting: Tuesday February 19th Meeting Room A 6:30 pm