Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Get Known Before the Book Deal by Christina Katz OWFI workshop Notes

Pick a craft and stay with it.

Sell yourself and your words.

Participate in continuing education regarding your craft.

Self promotion - platform development

Define your goals, visulize where you want to be.

Your author name - will Google like it? Is it unique?

The longer you purchase a domain the more Google likes it and will put it on the top of the search list.

What's your personal idenity - your tag line.

On your website you should have:
1. An e-mail address
2. Your name
3. What you're offering
4. Your tag line
5. Contact information
6. Short Bio
7. Your mission - the passion of what you do
8. Head shot - people want to know what you look like
9. Any client, student, and reader testimonials

Keep all your web information in a file.

Make sure to have only 1 idea per page on your blog or website, for example you don't want cooking and woodworking on the same page.

Create buzz around what you do, Facebook, Twitter, Linkin.

Take part in National Novel Writing Month

Everything you do matters, whether it be:
1. Publication, a column, quoted, media expert, TV, hosting a media show
2. Creating an event - Maybe a Youth Writing Group (hmmm... I think someone in WordWeavers has recently done this ;o))
3. Keep track of the traffic on your website or blog
4. Accumilate e-mails regarding your expertise.
5. Become a member of organizations regarding your expertise
6. The awards you've won

Bottom line, no one is going to "find" you sitting at home, you have to be out there to be found.