Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Minutes from the November Meeting

The meeting was held on November 12, 6:30 p.m., at the Bartlesville Public Library.

President, Jennifer McMurrain presided.

Sixteen people were present, 14 members and 2 guests. Please welcome Janis Lussmyer as a new member of WordWeavers.

Members and guests were introduced and OWFI news was recorded for the upcoming report.

OWFI President, Christine Denise Jarmola presented an overview of the OWFI Conference. Highlights of the conference include, baskets to fund OWFI scholarships, costume contest of favorite author or literary character, a networking lunch, bookstore with coffee bar, featured writers centerpiece giveaway,and guest speakers. She explained the numerous volunteer opportunities at the conference. Contests open December 1 and close February 1. She encouraged members to visit the website for more information,

Diana Purser gave the treasurer's report, the account balance is 817.14. There are now 30 WordWeaver members and of that 30, 24 are members of OWFI.

Jennifer McMurrain, reported 387 copies of Seasons Remembered are in the hands of readers.

Those present for critiques were Margery Warder and Cindy Molder.

The next meeting is December 17, 6:00 p.m. at Jennifer's home. It will be a holiday gathering but we will have a short meeting that includes critiques. She will send the details to the members.

Minutes posted by Cindy Molder

Friday, October 18, 2013

Minutes from the October 15, 2013 Meeting

Minutes from the October 15 Meeting

Barb Shoff presided over the meeting in Jennifer McMurrain's absence.

Guests or returning WordWeavers were introduced. Marilyn Blumer, Jerry Bylander, Rod MacIlvaine, and Darla Tresner.

WordWeaver and OWFI dues were collected.

Diana Purser gave the financial report. Current account balance, $880.00

October critiques for the anthology were given orally for those who were present.

Writing opportunities and resources have been posted to the WordWeaver's Facebook page.

Writers of Children's or Middle Grade books are invited to a meeting on October 21 at 7:00 PM at Diana Purser's home, 2925 Cambridge Court (Colonial Subdivision). Contact her to RSVP.

Barb Shoff presented information about how to increase your visibility on social media. Items discussed were:, goodreads, shewrites, hootsuite, google+

The next meeting is scheduled for November 12, 2013, 6:30 PM.

Keep Writing,

Cindy M. Molder

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 17th Meeting

New officers were elected at the September Meeting. Jennifer McMurrain is President, Barbara Shoff-Vice President, Hillary Welch-P.R., Diana Purser-Treasurer, Cindy Molder-Secretary.

Annual dues were collected. The $30.00 fees included WordWeaver and OWFI dues.

Members voted to sponsor a table at the Family Arts Festival at Price Tower on October 12, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The anthology report from Seasons Remembered, 392 copies are in the hands of readers.

Possible local vendors (to feature WordWeaver's writing) were discussed. Discussion was tabled until the group has more information.

Written and verbal critiques for the 2014 Anthology were reviewed with the writers.

October 8 is the deadline for October submissions. The next meeting is October 15, 6:30 p.m.

Please Facebook message or email Cindy Molder any writing opportunities you find. She will compile a list for the October meeting. Include website links and any promotional information.

Keep Writing,
Cindy Molder

Friday, June 21, 2013

June Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, June 18th, WordWeavers held their monthly meeting. Charlotte Smith, Cindy Molder, Karen Welch, Mary Anderson, Mary Kincaid, Jennifer McMurrain, Barbara Shoff, Stacey Nading, Saralyn Miller, Sara Leslie and Marilyn Boone were all in attendance. We would like to send a very warm welcome to Cindy, Karen, Mary A, and Stacey. We’re so glad you came.

The WordWeavers and Bambino's are happy to announce the 2nd annual Into the Book festival will be held on September 14, 2013 at Bambino's from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm.

If you are a local author (Bartlesville, Pawhuska, Dewey, Nowata, etc) and would like to have a book signing table at our event, please contact us at before August 19th. We have a limited number of spots. Any spots leftover after August 19th will be given to interested authors from around the area. We want this to spotlight local authors first, so please let us know ASAP.

Our anthology, Seasons Remembered is doing okay. During our recent promotional giveaway we got Seasons into the hands of 197 people. I know that may not have meant expectations, but anthologies are a hard sell. Keep in mind, that's a 197 people who may not have heard about us before and could possibly buy an individual WordWeaver's work.

We also sold 2 copies in person and had 1 Kindle sale. Here is the current rundown.

Author copies: 15

In Person: 75

Kindle: 15

Amazon: 12

Giveaway: 197

For a total: 314

We also reiterated the submission guidelines for the upcoming anthology. Each person was e-mailed a set of submission rules. Please refer to that for all of them, but here are the biggies.

1. E-mail your submission to (not to Jennifer) before your deadline.

2. Print out the submission and critique, then return to the person during the meeting after the discussion.

3. If you can't make it to the meeting, e-mail the critique back to the person who wrote it, NOT TO JENNIFER. (I spent an obscene amount of time forwarding e-mails last year. The author's e-mail address will be at the top of the submission when I send it out. It's just as easy to send it to the author as it is to send it to me. If it is my submission, send it to, not to my personal account. We want to make sure things don't get lost. This applies to everyone, no matter how long you've know me or what e-mail you previously have for me. Thanks.)

4. If we are critiquing your work, you NEED to be there. If everyone is taking the time to critique your work, you need to commit to the deadline you set and be at that meeting.

5. If you can't make it to the meeting where your work is being critiqued then you will need to pick up your critiques from Jennifer. (I will not deliver critiques this year. CALL before you come to my house.) Failure to pick up critiques may result in losing your spot in the anthology.

LilyBear House and Gilcrease Publishing will publish the new anthology as well as acquire Seasons Remembered. Neither LilyBear House or Gilcrease Publishing, will take royalties.

The rest of the time was spent critiquing works for our upcoming seasons anthology.
If you are a paid member of WordWeavers it's not too late to be involved in the anthology. E-mail me at for the details.
Our next meeting will be July 16th at 6:30 pm at the Bartlesville Public Library, in meeting room A (upstairs). This is an open meeting and we hope to see you there. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at

Happy Writing,
Jennifer McMurrain
WordWeaver President

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

December Meeting Minutes

Bartlesville Wordweavers met on December 18, 2012 in the home of Denise Jarmola for a combined meeting and Christmas party.  We missed the members who were unable to attend.

Diana Purser gave the treasurer’s report. We currently have $410 in the account. A vote was taken to reimburse Diana for the paper she used to proofread final drafts for our anthology. It was agreed that Wordweavers would again sponsor a full category for the OWFI contest.

Brochures made by Heather Davis were available to look at. They provide information about Wordweavers and will be a great resource to newcomers interested in joining our group.

The book drive project in collaboration with CherryBerry has gone well and the date was extended to January 2, 2013. Money from the fundraiser will be used to buy books. Heather made the suggestion to purchase them through the school.

Denise reported on the OWFI meeting that she and Heather attended in Norman on December 2, 2012. Exciting news is that Denise was elected as the new president-elect for OWFI. She will take over as president after the 2013 conference on May 2-4. The contest will be transitioning to electronic submissions, though the traditional mailing option will still be available for this contest. The deadline is February 1. The goal is to be completely electronic by 2014. Concerning submissions, if something has been posted online it’s considered published unless it’s been posted for critiquing purposes only. New to the conference will be the opportunity to do a 10 minute reading from your book. Posters will be placed on easels about the book and the times for talks. Also noted was that affiliates to OWFI must come to at least one meeting during the year or they will be dropped. Scholarships are available to cover the cost of the conference and anyone can apply. Lastly, members are encouraged to enter the picture contest on the back of The Report.

For the Friends of the Library contest, Jennifer will offer help in running the contest as an FOL member. Wordweavers will not be collaborating with this contest.

Anthology sales are going well. For next anthology it was recommended to form a committee, allow more time to format, and give final edits back to the author.

Oklahoma Women Bloggers will launch in January. It’s preferred you have a blog but anyone can submit. Every month has a theme. It should be new unpublished material. Heather will be co-producing the Listen to Your Mother show in Oklahoma in May. It is now in 24 cities. Writings about motherhood may be submitted for review.

Many thanks go to everyone helping to make Wordweavers the best writing group around!  

The next meeting will be January 15, at 6:30 in the upstairs room at the library. We will be going through the submission process for the OWFI and Friends of the Library contests. Hope to see you there.