Wednesday, January 9, 2013

December Meeting Minutes

Bartlesville Wordweavers met on December 18, 2012 in the home of Denise Jarmola for a combined meeting and Christmas party.  We missed the members who were unable to attend.

Diana Purser gave the treasurer’s report. We currently have $410 in the account. A vote was taken to reimburse Diana for the paper she used to proofread final drafts for our anthology. It was agreed that Wordweavers would again sponsor a full category for the OWFI contest.

Brochures made by Heather Davis were available to look at. They provide information about Wordweavers and will be a great resource to newcomers interested in joining our group.

The book drive project in collaboration with CherryBerry has gone well and the date was extended to January 2, 2013. Money from the fundraiser will be used to buy books. Heather made the suggestion to purchase them through the school.

Denise reported on the OWFI meeting that she and Heather attended in Norman on December 2, 2012. Exciting news is that Denise was elected as the new president-elect for OWFI. She will take over as president after the 2013 conference on May 2-4. The contest will be transitioning to electronic submissions, though the traditional mailing option will still be available for this contest. The deadline is February 1. The goal is to be completely electronic by 2014. Concerning submissions, if something has been posted online it’s considered published unless it’s been posted for critiquing purposes only. New to the conference will be the opportunity to do a 10 minute reading from your book. Posters will be placed on easels about the book and the times for talks. Also noted was that affiliates to OWFI must come to at least one meeting during the year or they will be dropped. Scholarships are available to cover the cost of the conference and anyone can apply. Lastly, members are encouraged to enter the picture contest on the back of The Report.

For the Friends of the Library contest, Jennifer will offer help in running the contest as an FOL member. Wordweavers will not be collaborating with this contest.

Anthology sales are going well. For next anthology it was recommended to form a committee, allow more time to format, and give final edits back to the author.

Oklahoma Women Bloggers will launch in January. It’s preferred you have a blog but anyone can submit. Every month has a theme. It should be new unpublished material. Heather will be co-producing the Listen to Your Mother show in Oklahoma in May. It is now in 24 cities. Writings about motherhood may be submitted for review.

Many thanks go to everyone helping to make Wordweavers the best writing group around!  

The next meeting will be January 15, at 6:30 in the upstairs room at the library. We will be going through the submission process for the OWFI and Friends of the Library contests. Hope to see you there.