Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July 2016 Meeting

Cynthia (aka Denise, aka hey you), Cindy, Pepper, Sidney, Jennifer, Ann, Sallie, Linda, Marilyn, Abigail, and Jayleen.  New (possible) Member: Rick Sadok

Treasurer Report by Jennifer:
  • Sara Lynn and Declan are doing well!
  • $567.21 in account. We haven't sold much lately.
  • Totals:209 Hard copies, 73 Kindle copies, 9 KDP (I hope I got that right), and 18 Create Space.
  • Make sure to share the FB book of the day!

Old News:
  • Penny at Harlequin will be joining us via video conference during our Sept. 20th meeting at 6:30pm. Please have questions, either specific or overall, ready for her.  She is the assistant editor of the super romance and heartwarming (which requires no agent).
  • OWFI deadline for contests is February 1st.
  • Please send Abigail any news for the Affiliate Report (sold manuscripts, published works, speaking engagements, new blogs, awards, etc)
  • OWFI website is new and improved so check it out.
New News:
  • Ann's new name for her business is Reading Creek Editing. Congratulations Ann!
  • Jennifer has submitted Summer's End to copy editors. Yay!
  • Abigail has an interesting article "Farm to Table" in local Bartlesville magazine. Awesome!
  • Marilyn's Becoming Rose has been formatted. Outstanding!
  • Pepper has been busy with plays at the Heritage CafĂ© in Dewey. Fabulous!
  • Abigail wanted to thank everyone for their feedback on her work.
  • WW is open for critiques.  Novels are hard to critique in this setting so a smaller critique group would be best for that.  Utilize the WW Facebook page for quick critiques.  If you aren't in a hurry for a critique, email to Jennifer and we can fit it on the meeting agenda.
  • Anthology news: right now very small, only about 100 pages, and a lot are set in winter. So questions about the anthology: A) put call out to those that didn't sign up (which would mean a heavy critique session at August meeting) B) let some do more than one story C) use works already published without taking the hot seat D) have Linda do the cover?
  • Anthology questions have been tabled. We will vote on a cover from Linda (stock) and Pepper (original) at the next meeting.  An email will be sent to invite other's to submit.
  • Final edits for the anthology are needed ASAP
  • Anticipated publish date is November 22nd.
  • Critiques were done for Pepper and Cindy
  • Rita, Twana, and Darla's submission are due Aug. 9th for critique
  • Cindy & Pepper final edits due Aug 16th
  • Next meeting August 16th.
  • 8:15 conclude Meeting
*After meeting we had an open discussion/chat about poetry.