Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January Meeting Minutes and News

Tuesday, January 18th, WordWeavers held their monthly meeting. Denise Jarmola, Barbara Shoff, Veronica Toothman, Rita Durret, Twanya York, Marilyn Boone, Diana Purser, and Jennifer McMurrain were all in attendance. We do accept members all year around and interested parties are always welcome to sit in on a meeting.

Our main topic of discussion focused on the Oklahoma Writer's Federation, Inc. contest (OWFI). Everyone is really excited about OWFI and I hope if you weren't there you're working hard to meet the Feb. 1st deadline. It looks like the WordWeavers will be entering around 20 items to contest.

We are trying to get enough people to go to share a hotel room and keep costs down. Right now we have two definitely going and two tentative. We have two going with husbands that will have their own rooms and one that may only go half the time. If you're interested please give me a call or drop me an e-mail. We will also discuss some fund raising to help cover the cost of the hotel room at the next meeting.

Please remember that the Bartlesville Creative Writing Contest deadline is also Feb. 1st and it's prizes are a lot higher in value than OWFI. Plus the entry fees go to the Friends of the Library which is a great cause and they help the library out a lot. You can get an entry form online at or pick one up at the library. WordWeavers won both the fiction and non-fiction categories last year so we have a reputation to defend.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, Feb. 15th at 7pm in Meeting Room A. That is the upstairs meeting room, not the downstairs corner were we usually meet. When you go in the front door take a right toward the elevator. You'll see some stairs (I wouldn't use the elevator unless you absolutely have to), go up the stairs, and the meeting room is the first door on the right after the entry bridge.

We will be critiquing Veronica's Chapter 1 of her current WIP, this is a rough draft so we're looking for content edits only, unless you just feel like grammar editing. We'll also be looking at Denise's Chapter 1 for Do-Overs. If there's time we will critique my chapter 1 of Love at Quail Crossings, if there's not time we'll critique it in March.

Veronica had a great idea, when submitting your chapter for critique, write the genre and intended audience. This will help us get a feel if it's audience/genre appropriate, plus it's something we all need to do anyway.

Again we are open to new members and you're always welcome to attend one of our meetings to see what it's all about. For more information you can e-mail

Hope to see everyone February 15th!
Happy Writing,