Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December Minutes and News

On Tuesday, December 13th, the WordWeavers had their monthly meeting and Christmas Party. Diana Purser, Denise Jarmola, Heather Davis, Rita Durrett, Barbara Shoff, Sybil Copeland, Sharlene Copeland, Marilyn Boone, Sylvia Cramer, Tawnya York and Jennifer McMurrain were all present. Our special guest was a reporter for Bartlesville Montly Magazine, Amanda Scott.

Most of the meeting was spent talking about the WordWeavers and the publishing industry with Ms. Scott. We look forward to seeing her article in the magazine this spring. I'll let you know which month exactly closer to time.

Our next meeting will be January 17th at the Bartlesville Public Library at 7pm in Meeting Room A (upstairs, food and drink welcome). This will be an OPEN meeting, in fact all our meetings are open unless stated otherwise. We will not be critiquing, but taking the opportunity to get our contest entries for OWFI and the FOL Bartlesville Creative Writing Contest ready to go. Hope to see you there. Happy Writing.