Tuesday, October 15, 2019

October 2019 Meeting

Present: Marilyn, Jenni, Rick, Jennifer, Jayleen, Natalie, Sue, Sallee

Treasurer: Dues are due!!  $506 now with dues. One Tea Cozies sold in Sept.
PR: Jackie has been ill. Anyone that has new books needs to email the info to Jacki for Book of the Day. 

Old News  

New News

Personal Reports:
  • Jennifer - A Rough Draft is in audiobook. Indie Strong FB live feeds on Mondays at 10:30pm. Put on YouTube after they air. Questions are welcome!
  • Jayleen - NIMROD conference is this Saturday, Oct. 18
  • Marilyn - had to leave early
  • Jenni - adjusting to school time, working on a new novel, approached to be a writer of the week on a website and kinda nervous
  • Rick - finished prequel to Xhanga and sent them to a couple young adults for beta reading
  • Natalie - taking baby steps, inspired by Olive’s “bible” lesson but may be overthinking, might be delayed but still making progress
  • Sallee - closing 2nd book. Glenn has edits done, has a beta reader, Rita has covers finished
  • Sue - editor wanting a flashback but she’s not sure so kinda frustrated, worried the flashback is overused

  • Brandy has volunteered to design anthology covers for free while she rebuilds her brand. 
  • Jayleen moved to have Brandy design the Valentine’s cover and then have WW vote on next cover option. 
  • Publication on February 11th (so stories can still be entered in OWFI and FOL)
  • Nov 1st - 19th for critique, submit story by Nov 1st
  • Monday, November 11th at 6:30 for critiques, gives everyone 10 days to read submissions.
  • Need a Title: Red Roses in Green Country

We will be releasing a romance anthology on February 11, 2020. Anyone can submit, even if you didn't sign up. (The sign up sheet was for me to get a good grasp on what topics people wanted to do.) Here are the dates to remember:

1. October 15th: Come up with and finalize title (at meeting)
2. October 15th: Find date no later than November 19th for critique meeting. Denise from the library says we can schedule meetings just for critiquing and it won't affect when we can schedule meetings.
3. November 1st: All manuscripts for the romance anthology are due to Jennifer at BvilleWordWeavers@gmail.com so she can shoot them out to all the members for both cyber and in-person critiques.
4. November 18th: All cover ideas due. Will vote at the 11/19 meeting. Everyone is welcome to submit, please know that we can not pay at this time.
5. December 17th:  Final cover (if tweaks are needed) due. Final drafts for copy editing due.
6. January 21, 2020: Copy edits from editors due. Will return those to you ASAP.
8. February 11th: Release date!!

Tuesday November 19th 6:30: Next “meeting” is a Write-in, bring snacks! Public will be invited!

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