Tuesday, October 15, 2019

June 2019 Meeting

Present: Jayleen, Olive, Rick, Gary, Sam Glen, Marilyn, Jennifer, Jacki, Pepper, Sallee, Natalie

Treasurer: $331.22 in account, sold one anthology for June

Marc Cullison - guest speaker

Tue. July 16th next meeting upstairs

Jennifer, A Rough Draft came out last week!

Jayleen -writing lesson plans!

Rick - book signing in Ponca City, sold 4 books, working on Xhanga prequel

Natalie - working on drafts, 

Gary - consolidating some genealogy 

Glen - three new poems, Heritage July 27th poetry night, reading Stephen Hawking, almost ready to put together a book of poetry. 

Sam - now writing poetry for poetry nights, planning to put them together

Marilyn - editing Lilian’s Locket

Jacki - working on sequel to Gaemundi...procrastinating   J.S. Laramore Author

Pepper - working on novel Arbuckle, late tonight because she was finishing Chapter 12 (middle of story). 

Phantasmagoria Books and Records is taking WordWeavers books on consignment

Washington County Fair, Sept. 6-8

Podcasts: Balance & Keeping Creative momentum going  (link is on members page) each one is about an hour long. Free as far as we can tell.

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