Tuesday, February 26, 2019

February 2019 Meeting

February 26th, 2019 Meeting

Members Present:  Jennifer W., Marilyn, Olive, Pepper, Ann, Rick, Gary, Jayleen, Meredith, Sallie

Treasurer:  $440.56 in account. Have sold some new anthologies, 4 eBooks and 5 paperbacks over last 90 days. Soon will be minus $175 for the WW scholarship, and -$70 for Creme de la Creme trophy.

Secretary:  no news

PR:  has been posting book of the day SHARE! Will look into possibly selling books in Woolaroc gift shop.

Old News:  .

New News:  .

  • Jennifer M. is not feeling well today.
  • Create Space is now part of KDP.
  • Basket Wars, need to decide a theme next month so we can collect items in April. Basket auction funds the OWFI scholarship. (suggested theme Words & Weaves) 
  • OWFI scholarship applications are due by Thursday!
  • Marilyn waiting on covers for book
  • Olive taking a break from writing in February. Did submit a couple pieces to OWFI, looking forward to get back to Historical fiction book. Has completed 4-5 in series of novellas, needs to get them polished.
  • Pepper working on 4th novel. Stringing together a series of short stories for a novel. Novel that took 1st a couple years ago at OWFI is still in the works!
  • Ann trying to get a project done, involves a lot of research. Writes poetry for fun. Dreyer's English is a super fun book about writing/editing. 
  • Rick writing 6th novel. Suspense, Christian world view. Finishing Xhanga trilogy. First draft is done. Pepper did Hell's Gates cover, about ready for proof. 
  • Gary did do technical writing in past, now working on memoirs and family stories. Trying his hand at poetry...well ONE poem! 
  • Jayleen is too busy to write! Didn't get to enter OWFI, financial difficulties and deadlines don't mix. Still chair for Basket Wars, we need to decide theme. 
  • Meredith writes children's picture books. Agent sent note today with list of publishers she has sent Lily and Buttons to, will send another round in April if they don't hear anything. Critiquing a book of hers today, just finished another today as well! Member of SCBWI (children's book group).
  • Sallie working on 2nd book, about 2/3 complete. Thanks for the help! 
  • Drawing for WordWeaver OWFI Scholarship winner: Cathy Collar! alternative: Sallie
  • Do we want to sponsor a category? We sponsored Creme de la Creme last year because Cathy won. Maybe we should this year again because Pepper won. Jayleen moved that we sponsor $70 trophy for Creme de la Creme, Olive second, APPROVED.