Tuesday, October 15, 2019

April 2019

April 17th

Present: Darla, Olive, Pepper, Rick, Glenn M., Jayleen, Debbie, Denise, Gary, Jackie, Sue, Jennifer, Marilynn, Sallie

Treasurer: $305.32 -scholarship for OWFI, +$35 for anthology sales -$70 for CdC trophy and -$25 for Friday table
PR: continue to post books of the day on FB
Secretary: no new news

Old News
  • Rick- event at Jude’s, didn’t go as well at site, but trickle effect ended up selling 20 books 

New News
  • Darla working on article for Bville Magazine
  • Denise editing book (miracle realism)
  • Olive working on revision/entire rewrite...by hand!
  • Pepper editing a book for Rick, working on a western
  • Jackie working on urban fantasy series, interested in horror
  • Sue moved back from coast, has written 4 books
  • Glenn, performing poems at open mic night, helping edit Jackie’s book, 
  • Rick still working with Pepper, now doing a chapter edit at a time, recently published Against the Gates of Hell
  • Windles Rock Shop will sell books. 
  • Brace Books (Ponca City) will do book signings and sell your books
  • Magic City Books on a per author basis. Drop off book for consideration
  • Thursday 7pm FOL meeting. Heather Davis is speaking and Denise will be getting a prize! 
  • Pepper bday party Saturday April 20th 4-7, 4th annual 40th 

  • Conference May 2-5
  • Items for basket
  • Book Drive (helps with grants) new and gently used for children and adults
  • Everyone that applied for OWFI scholarship received one, thanks to Basket Wars!
  • Don’t feel like you have to stay in a session that you aren’t enjoying
  • Bring a sweater 
  • Costume contest Friday night 

Tuesday, May 21st Celebration Party @ Library -bring your favorite summertime snack

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