Monday, September 22, 2014

September Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Wordweavers  Meeting – Thursday Sept. 16, 2014  - Diana Purser, Secretary

The meeting was called to order by out-going President Jennifer McMurrain. We went around the table introducing ourselves. We had five new people present.

Sharon Barrett, David Pennell, Marilyn Boone, Eloise Needleman, Erin McMillan, Hank Hankinson, Irene Chang, Charlotte Smith, Barbara Shoff, Rita Durrett, Janis Lussmyer, Mary Kincaid, Linda Derkez, Heather Davis, Cindy Molder, Bob Long, Sara Gagan, Angel Rigg, and Penny Sharpton were present.

At 7 p.m. we posed for a photo for the anthology taken by Paula Young showing all the people present at that meeting. Those not present who have items in our anthology need to send an individual photo to Jennifer McMurrain  by October 1st.   More information will be sent to authors involved in the anthology via e-mail.

OWFI NEWS:   Jennifer announced changes being made the categories for the annual writing contest as well as a few price changes. All information will be made public in the October issue of the OWFI Report. The OWFI web site is now being rebuilt, but its domain name will still be  Their newsletter NEEDS articles.  Submission deadline is Oct. 15.

Next order of business:  Our new incoming officers will be as follows:
President - Barbara Shoff
Vice-President - Eloise Needleman       
Secretary - Diana Purser
Treasurer/PR - Jennifer McMurrain
OWFI Executive Board Members - Denise Jarmola and Jennifer McMurrain
OWFI Delegates - Barbara Shoff and Charlotte Smith

Diana Purser secured a table for the WordWeavers at the Oklahoma Indian Summer Festival and anyone who had published books was invited to attend.

Anthology Sales:  We sold a few at the County Fair and some more over Amazon. Jennifer proposed that we do a Promo Give-Away of Seasons Remembered in October and then once again just before Seasons of Life comes out. That motion was made, seconded, and passed.

Anthology Business: Cover Color – Coral was voted as final background cover.

Anthology Contracts – Get those signed and then submitted to Jennifer ASAP.

The Anthology Committee will be meeting soon to decide the order for the stories in each section. The goal will be to help the book “flow” from story to story as best as possible.  Once those decisions are made, Jennifer will start the formatting so proof books can be ordered ASAP.

DUES for WordWeavers  ($10)  and for OWFI ($20)  are now due.  Please send your checks to Jennifer McMurrain, our new Treasurer. E-mail if you need her address.  

Out-going President Jennifer McMurrain made her “farewell speech” saying that she is so very proud of all of the members for working so hard and being so cooperative. She said that she could not have been a good president without all the wonderful members. She will still be an officer – Treasurer and Public Relations – so she will continue to be very involved and available to answer questions. She wanted us to know that she will be cheering us on as we continue to work on our various projects.

Our in-coming President Barbara Shoff also made her “opening speech,” asking everyone to come to the October meeting with lists of each of our strengths and weaknesses -  lists of ideas about which of our talents or areas of expertise we would be able to SHARE with our fellow writers  -  and lists of suggestions about guest speakers, projects, how to handle critique sessions, etc.  She wants to hear from everyone about what directions we think WordWeavers should go in the future.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 and opened to “Free Chat” time so that we could all have a chance to meet and get to know the five new people.

Our next WordWeavers meeting will be Tuesday, October 21st at the Bartlesville Public Library, meeting room TBA.