Friday, February 24, 2017

February 2017 Minutes

Present: Lee, Linda, Rick, Natalie, Glenn, Olive, Marilyn, Jennifer, Sallie, Jayleen

Treasurer Report: (given by Jennifer via text from Sarah) $869.31. $50 was donated by Denise for an OWFI scholarship in honor of Charlotte. $10 was donated to WW from the Betty Jo Johnson Estate.

Public Relations: share what's new on the WW Facebook page

Secretary Report: minutes from Nov. and Jan. are up on the blog, please do not shoot the secretary for being behind.

Affiliate news did not get on OWFI report. There was some confusion on the deadline.  It is on the website though.

OWFI report comes out three times a year, you should be getting it soon.

OWFI conference:
  • early bird deadline March 15th. $175 gets you 2 days and 2 banquets. After 15th cost is $200.
  • Thursday night pre-conference with Ben Montgomery "Dirty Little Narrative". Cost is $20 and can be purchased at the door. This is NOT included in the regular conference fees.
  • There will be 2 a-la-carte lunches (not included in registration total).  One with Sonia Gensler, "Honing your writing process to a T(ea)" and a Q&A with Harlequin editor Leslie Tuttle.
  • There will be several workshops to choose from. If you aren't enjoying a session then feel free to move to another one. It's your conference after all!
  • How many ppl are planning to go? 6 that were present at meeting.
  • Jennifer will send an email to get correct number of ppl for tables/rooms.
  • If you want a roommate, need a ride, put it out there and let Jennifer know.  Jennifer is hoping that everyone can figure out their room situations but please don't not go to the conference because of rooming/transportation issues.
  • Friday night there will be a concert by Nathan Brown, past OK Poet Laureate. There will also be a costume contest Friday night.
  • April 15th is Deadline for room reservations
  • April 21st is deadline for Famous Authors Banquet. Submit if you have published from May 2016-May of 2017.
  • We have agreed to do a Coffee & Tea basket for the fundraiser. Please bring something coffee/tea related to next meeting and then we will "fill it in" if we need more. Also looking into having Maria Gus possibly put together a Bartlesville Tour basket. 
OWFI scholarships:
  • The deadline to submit for an OWFI scholarship is March 1st. You do this online at (secretary's note: it is really simple!)
  • How many scholarship's does WW want to sponsor this year? (last year we did 2 full scholarships @ $175 each and 1/2 a category @ $55).  Marilyn moved to do the same this year. Rick second, all approved.
  • Drawing for scholarships included those that could not be present. Sallie drew the names: Jayleen Mayes and Glenn Vermillion.
Next Meeting March 21st @ 6:30.

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