Tuesday, February 21, 2017

January 2017 Meeting

I'm going for secretary of the year here people...

Present: Ann, Rick, Natalie*, Denise, Meredith, Marilyn, Glenn, Debbie, Lee Pollack*, Linda Pollack*, Olive Margery, Sallie, Jayleen, Jennifer

*denotes new possible member

Dues are Due! $10 for WordWeavers and $20 for OWFI. Please settle your dues, Jennifer doesn't want to get mean but she does know where you live.

Anthology is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Sarah Lynn absent, no Treasurer update. Keep selling the anthology and boost marketing.

Andrew Kauffman is ill and couldn't speak today. Please keep him in you thoughts/prayers.

Book of the Day is on Bartlesville WordWeavers Facebook page. Check daily and share, add to your notifications if possible.

Old News

OWFI and Friends of the Library writing contests due February 1st.

OWFI Contest
  • members, make sure you can log in now! Don't wait until submitting.
  • remember judging is subjective! (I think you're all awesome, just sayin')
OWFI Conference
  • May 4-6
  • $175 for 2 days/banquets if enroll by March 15th
  • OWFI has scholarships available, submit online by March 1st.
  • WordWeavers will have a drawing for scholarship in February.
New News

Summer's End (Jennifer), Beyond the Shadows (Linda), and ? (sorry Rita I didn't get the title!) are in semi-finals for Golden Book Award.

Margery received a scholarship to a conference in Santa Cruz in April. Congratulations!

Jennifer showed the group the OWFI contest entry process

Critique for Rick/Open Chat

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