Tuesday, April 18, 2017

March 2017 Minutes

March 2017 Minutes

Present: Cindy, Glenn M., Sallie, Jennifer, Rick, Pepper, Lee (& Lee's supportive wife!), Natalie, Meredith, Ann, Marilyn, Linda, and Linda's guest Susan Buck, Jayleen

Treasurer report: Sarah Lynn absent, all is well

PR Report: Abigail absent, super busy these days, please share FB posts!

Secretary report: who voted for this chic? minutes late again!

Ann: OLLI needs summer presenters for May.

FYI we can now schedule WW mtgs 3 months in advance. Thank you Sarah Lynn for getting the paperwork together so quickly so we could make that happen!

OLD NEWS: nothing to report...so why did I boldface and underline it?

  • Pepper has won something from Friends of the Library contest in non-fiction. Will know for sure at their April 10th mtg. Also, Cinderella puppets will happen late summer.
  • April 22nd Pepper will present 2 Oklahoma-ized fairy plays.
  • Ann said the Women's Network will present History Maker of the Year on April 20th at 7pm at Tri-County Tech.  She also recently saw S.E. Hinton speak and had a wonderful time.
  • Rick: May 20th book signing for "Smart Vaccine" at Jude's from 2p-5p
  • Glenn and Ann have also placed in FoL.
  • Jennifer finished content edits for Forever Quail Crossings.
OWFI conference news:
  • Maria Gus has been contacted for a Bartlesville basket, no news yet on that though.
  • Please bring coffee/tea items by April 18th meeting for the WW basket contribution.
  • If you have a new book out you can make a centerpiece to be given away. Contact Peggy Chambers for more info, photo examples of centerpieces are on OWFI website.
  • Table Reservations: we are 4th on the waiting list for a reserved table.  No worries, if we don't get one we will figure it out so we can all still sit together. No man left behind!!
  • WW sponsored 1/2 a category (inspirational...fantasy was take), individuals may also sponsor a category for any amount.
  • WW scholarships were awarded by drawing to Jayleen & Glenn. Jayleen received an OWFI scholarship we redrew names and Cindy won!
  • Still loads of volunteer opportunities at conference. You can go to website and register for shepherding, basket wars, pitch room, Saturday lunch tea, and more.
  • For the famous Author's you need book published and information by April 22nd
  • PLEASE DON'T NOT GO TO CONFERENCE BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE A RIDE OR A PLACE TO STAY! Communicate with us, we can figure it out.
Anthology:  let's nail down theme, start critiques in June, decide on word count, and how many submissions. Reminder that there is no cussing/explicit scenes (family friendly) and authors must be WW members.

Okay there was a LOT of back and forth talk in here about theme suggestions and titles, and will there be one book or a series, plus voting so I'm just going to tell you what we decided.
  • 3 book series titles Tea Cozies & Terabytes (a Then & Now theme, so 2 sections in the book)
  • 1st book will be about people, 2nd about places, and 3rd about possessions.
  • Maximum of 3 submissions (at least one in each then/now section) with a total word count of 7,000 (at the end of editing).  If you only submit poetry you may have 2 submissions for each section.

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