Friday, April 8, 2016

March 2016 Minutes

Holy cow, I am finally figuring out how to post the minutes!

6:35pm Meeting called to order. Those in attendance include: Jennifer, Sarahlyn, Jayleen, Denise, Margery, Abigail, Marily, Glenn, David, and Francia.

Slips of paper passed around for those wishing to be considered for the OWFI scholarship

Treasurer report: $792.31balance with no new sales

Abigail: has list for FB "book of the day", let her know if anyone has anything new to add to rotation.

Jennifer welcomed new secretary Jayleen Mayes (yay!)

Old News: 
  • Local Author's Library Showcase: Jennifer will have a mtg about it. Set for Saturday April 23 from 1p-4p.  Looking for those wishing to speak or read.
  • Edmond Author's Fair moved to May. $30 for full table, $15 for half.  Good crowd, usually does well.
  • Anthology: Final edits need to be sent to WW email. Next meeting critique for Saralyn and Sybil.
New News:
  • Ladies Connection on May 12th, opportunity to promote books. Conflicts with OWFI.
  • Friends of Library contest awards maybe April 21st? Keep checking emails.
  • Denise OWFI Board Update: will have Gong Show this year, budget has been less successful, Stephen James to speak and looking for keynote speaker for next year.
  • Steve Berry will be at Gilcrease Museum in April
  • OWFI early bird registration ends today! $175 vs $200 tomorrow
  • Baskets: need a theme. Suggestions include "Deadline Survival Kit" and "Deadline Reward". Plans to seek out Maria Gus for help with a Bville Basket again this year.
  • Centerpieces: if you have a book, make a centerpiece for the raffle and tell Peggy Chambers.
  • Table Reservations: need to know how many ppl plan to attend
  • Hotel Reservations: need to know who's bunking up...plans to cancel 2 of the room reservations.
  • Affiliate news deadline? Abigail will send another email because last news was never put up. Jennifer will also double check with Mary.
  • Drawing for OWFI scholarship: 2 @ $75 each goes to Abigail & Jennifer. Congratulations!
  • We are sponsoring 1/2 category @ OWFI this year.
  • Denise concluded the meeting with some background information about OWFI
Next meeting April 19th @ 6:30pm

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