Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April 2016 Meeting Minutes

6:30 Meeting called to order
Members in attendance: Rita, Sarah, Cindy, Margery, Linda, Anne, David (aka Robert), Glenn, Marilyn, Jennifer, Sybil, Francia, and Jayleen.

Treasurer's Report: balance $567.21, have not sold any anthologies this month

Update on Barbara: surgery went well but she has not been cleared to venture out yet. She is working on getting out her book.

Public Relations: Affiliate news is now on OWFI

Old News:
Library Showcase scheduled for Saturday April 23 1p-4p
  • Bring  your own table covers/decorations
  • You need to have your own bank to make change
  • You'll get 2 minutes for your "elevator pitch"
  • Utilize Social Media to promote the showcase
  • Crème de la Crème has been donated in Charlotte's name
  • We now have 2 tables - 20 seats
  • Who's going? Rita, Anne, Cindy, Denise, Marilyn, Jennifer, Cathy, Cindy, Glenn, and possibly Glenn's daughter.  Jayleen is still undecided.
New News:
Friend of the Library
  • Congratulations to Anne, Linda, Charlotte, Sydney, and Abigail for placing in this year's writing contest.  We will post winner's and categories on our FB page.
OLLI Class
  • WordWeavers are going to lead 3 classes during the Summer Session.  Examples of content include: What happens in the day of the life of a writer, What gets you going, and Where do you find inspiration. Jennifer will lead the May 25th class, Rita June 1st, and Denise June 8
  • Fall classes will be more of a "how to" for outlines, contests, etc.  We will need volunteers to lead the classes starting in September over the course of 6 weeks.
Jennifer will be collaborating with Darlene Shortridge to provide an extensive workshop on Independent Publishing.  The date is set for Oct 8th and plans to run 10(ish) hours.  The venue is TBD.

Jennifer finished Summer's End and will release at the end of summer. Yay!

Mary Kincaid released a new book. Congratulations!

Marilyn is hoping to release her book Becoming Rose at the end of June.

Heather will be releasing her book soon. Good Luck!

Tate publishing was discussed and the general feeling was do NOT use this publisher. Jennifer is willing to help anyone rather than resorting to them.

Members had suggested to dedicate the Anthology to Charlotte.  Anne made a motion to do so, Margery seconded the motion.  Everyone was in favor.

Jennifer asked everyone to please please please email your edits ASAP, oh and pay dues that were due in September.

Critiques for Sybil and Sarah were discussed. Edits will be due May 17th.

Next month critiques for Eloise, Glenn, and Sally.

May WW meeting will be Spring Celebration.  We will reserve a table at Tumbleweeds. Tuesday, May 17th @ 6:00pm

Meeting adjourned (kinda) 7:55pm.  Then we discussed Marketing, see separate blog for those notes.

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  1. Awesome job on posting the minutes!! I look forward to being able to stay updated over the next few months that I won't be at the meetings. Thank you! :)