Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ideas for Marketing Your Book

*These are rough notes from our April 2016 meeting

How do you get your book out there? How do you let people know?
Podcasts are the "new thing"
Jane Friedman does a live Q&A every week/month.  Great info/tips
Jennifer has a "Street Team" on Facebook and Twitter.  A street team are people that are willing to share your posts and get your information out there for them.  The reason being only 7% of your friends will see your post.  So you need to share and have your team/friends share as well.
Book signings:
  • You have to take the time to build a base
  • Google Arts&Crafts shows to find venues
  • You need to always have something new each year.
Book giveaways are a good marketing tool.
BookBub costs nothing to submit.  You are only charged if you get in, which can be difficult. But keep submitting! It is the biggest bang for your buck where marketing is concerned. Make sure your getting reviews on your books to help (street team can help here).  Offering promotional giveaways for reviews is a good way to get team to follow through.
Write reviews for your fellow writers.
Be sure to list EVERYTHING you write on Amazon so you have a large list when someone "googles" you. List books, novellas, short shorties, etc.
Quality AND Quantity: You need to be consistently putting stuff out there.
Don't get so bogged down in media (sharing on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) that you stop writing.

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