Saturday, May 22, 2010

Writing for Chicken Soup for the Soul (OWFI notes from Jennifer McMurrain)

Workshop by Linda Apple

Creative Nonfiction is telling the truth using fiction techinques.

Keep it under 1000 words.

Always have a lesson.

Don't write the average stuff (your wedding day, graduation, etc.)

You need (your ingrediants):
a defining scene
Ah Ha moment

Think a snapshot, not a movie
Stay in the moment

Write about:
A person
A place
An object
An event
An epiphany
A conversation

Connect to the reader's memories by using the senses.

If your writing doesn't move you, it won't move the reader.

Show don't tell:
Physical reactions
body language
facial expressions

Use dialogue to break the montony of telling.

Internalization - Letting the reader in on your soul

Express emotion without getting sappy.

Use humor.

You have the opportunity to give the reader a gift:
A chuckle, hope, or even encouragement.

Recipe for writing for Chicken Soup for the Soul:
Mix ingredients
Write your story
Edit, edit, edit
1,200 word limit, better if under 1,000 words
SUBMIT (you can't get published if you don't submit) to

Possible topics for the May 31st deadline:
Grieving and Recover
My Cat's Life
My Dog's Life

July 31st deadline:
New Moms

August 31st deadline:

December 31st deadline:
Young at Heart

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