Sunday, May 9, 2010

Denise's OWFI notes


Josh Getzler – Agent

Make sure an agent is a member of AAR

Someone asked how many authors are really selected by an agent through a query letter? So he complied a list of how he found the 30 authors he now represents.

2 were referred

3 former classmates

1 from an online contest

3 met at conferences

4 he knew already

10 referred by other Editors/Agents

7 came from unsolicited queries

In the first 50 pages of your manuscript – do’s and don’ts


1. show that confident writing/ understanding of grammar and voice

2. be engaged quickly in the story

3. what is the book going to be about – the reader should know – not be guessing

4. Who is the protagonist?


Bad grammar or typos

Some of the agents at OWFI we very rigid about word count. Josh wasn’t. The book should be long enough to tell the story. Any longer and it’s wordy and boring. Any shorter and the reader is left hanging.

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