Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Agent Panel Notes by Jennifer McMurrain

Agent’s Panel
Agents attending: Sandra Bishop (MacGregor Literary), Terry Burns (Hartline Literary), Josh Getzler (Russel and Volkening, Inc), and Cherry Weiner (Cherry Weiner Literary Agency)

• Do your homework
o Publisher’s Marketplace (online)
o Acknowledgements

• Query to agents and editors
o 80% of debut authors do not have an agent, so if you’re only looking for an agent then your only giving yourself a 20% shot ~ Terry Burns

• Stick to small houses
• During a pitch sessions what agents want you to do:
o Greet them, Shake their hand, Say hello, Treat them like a person
o Let them know the genre
o Let them know if you’ve been published before
o Then the pitch and word count

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