Saturday, January 25, 2014

Minutes from January 21, 2014

Jennifer McMurrain presided.

Ten members were present at the meeting that was held in the Bartlesville Public Library. There were no guests or prospective members. 

Critiques were completed for Pepper, Marilyn, and Janis. 

New writing opportunities will be posted on the Facebook page. 

Diana Purser gave the treasurer's report. There is a current balance of  $818.04.

389 total copies of the 2012 anthology are in the hands of readers. 131 copies have been sold.

Final edits are due from Hank, Diana, Sybil, and Jennifer.

Final edits of the contributors to the 2014 anthology need to be emailed to Jennifer at should be resent. Some have not been received.

Denise Jarmola, Wordweaver member and President of OWFI, gave a short review of the OWFI Annual Conference that will be held in May 2014. There is aFebruary 1 deadline for scholarships to attend. Room reservations need to be made under the name of OWFI. Jennifer McMurrain will secure rooms for local members. If anyone is interested email her at the Bville_Wordweaver email. 

If you have entered the OWFI contest, remember to print the OWFI Official Contest Entry Form. It is on the website and also in the OWFI magazine. It requires, your contact information and the category entered and title of the work. It too must be received by February 1. 

Keep writing, the next meeting is scheduled for February 18, 2014. 

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