Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February WordWeavers News and Minutes

Tuesday, February 15th, WordWeavers held their monthly meeting. Denise Jarmola, Barbara Shoff, Veronica Toothman, Rita Durret, Marilyn Boone, and Jennifer McMurrain were all in attendance.

We spent just a few minutes commenting on how great the chairpeople (persons?) have been for OWFI. A couple of us made some boo-boos that the chairpeople fixed for us. It was above and beyond what they had to do and we are thankful they took the time to clean up after us. We have 1 hotel suite booked for the entire conference and will take another head count March 15th. OWFI conference registrations are due on March 15th (or you'll have to pay a late fee) and you can request a meeting with an agent or editor starting on March 1st. I strongly encourage everyone to do this, it is excellent experience even if you aren't quite ready to submit your manuscript. I know even though mine wasn't ready for publication I got some excellent feedback from the agent I talked to.

The rest of the meeting was spent critiquing. Next month we will critique Chapters from Barbara, Rita and Marilyn. Our next meeting is March 15th at 7pm in Meeting Room A (upstairs). A quick poll revealed that everyone liked Meeting Room A better, it has more privacy so we don't have to worry about getting too loud, plus food and drinks are allowed in that meeting room. See you on the 15th.

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